nowa huta

Nowa Huta in Krakow

Nowa Huta operates in the popular consciousness as the mausoleum, which is stored in memory after the time of Polish People’s Republic. For many people, simply is not conceivable that Nowa Huta is now transformed into a new tourism center of Malopolska.

Just mention some of the functioning of its museums. Currently in Nowa Huta, you can visit the Museum of History of Nowa Huta, or still developing PRL Museum and Museum of Military (which is free entry Monday to Friday). In Nowa Huta is one of the four existing mounds, mound Wanda, one of the points of the city walking, crowned with the statue of Jan Matejko project.

Another legendary site is the Church of Our Lady Queen of Polish – „The Ark”, which is the background of numerous distinguished temples in Krakow interesting design and beautiful story of creation.

Speaking of the architectural monuments of Nowa Huta is impossible not to mention the court Branice team at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as Krzeslawice – manor house belonging to the Jan Matejko. There is also a discreet hotel in Krakow.

Nowa Huta is also a growing cultural district: after all, since 1983 works here Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, a place where work is exhibited gallery and theater.

As you can see, Nowa Huta is not only a memory of Polish People’s Republic – is also growing district, whose inhabitants themselves admit that they are self-sufficient and have a lot to offer tourists.